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2012-02-13 06:08:57 by Soullink

So the Redesign made me remake my whole profile from the ground up. New picture. New caption. And three projects.
Leet Looters
Codename: Otaku (Seasons 1-3)
Destined Marionette

Most of it is writing so fat chance on seeing anything new here. I might compose something again soon.
That is all.

Why I love Collabs

2010-05-10 04:46:56 by Soullink

So far two of my most serious collaborative efforts; the concept work for Leet Looters(c) and the music themes for Otaku and Harajuku Heartbreaker(c), are shaping up to be fantastic little successes. These two are totally in my head, open to input and alterations, and put in the same effort I due for the scripting and planning. FANTASTIC! That is all.

So yeah...

2010-02-24 06:07:40 by Soullink

I've stalled. Got FL Studio but need an emulator for my MAC. Got the emulator but need windows. Waiting on windows... grrrr...
Anyway, Leet Looters has its first story board comic almost finished which means my flagship is getting ready for presentation.
Now to figure out how to pitch it and myself...

Need Advice

2009-12-25 14:45:48 by Soullink

So I got Music Creator 5 for Christmas...
I've been looking at FL Studio but the folks listened to the guy at Best Buy instead and now I have Music Creator 5. Newgrounds community, did I get screwed here. They seem to have similar specs but the real issue I'm having is can I actually do midi note notation or do I need a flip'n keyboard for this thing now! I mean for remastering it seems great but for composition just within the actual program did I get the wrong thing as a gift? Help me out guys.

Merry 8-bit Christmas

2009-12-24 23:09:54 by Soullink

Check this shit out and see if it don't make your holiday. I know it made mine so I'm spreading the word. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Also check out Doc Octoroc's 8-bit Jesus. Good stuff!

What is 21?

2009-10-13 22:45:36 by Soullink

So it's time for an FML moment.

It's my 21st birthday today. I was told I would be working my usual shift until 1am only to find out this morning that, no I have today off. Good thing right? Except no one can get together on such short notice. So guess who's got no idea what to do to get this year of my life started. This guy. FML. Oh well, what does 21 really mean anyway. Off to get a bottle of Sailor Jerry's and try one more time.

As I previously asked though, what does 21 really mean anyway?

The Otaku

2009-10-06 04:59:37 by Soullink

So I just finished the short story version of a solo project I've been working on called The Otaku. This writing thing is really long and time consuming. Gonna stick with my previous flagship game for the main pitches though. Just have this little practice rounds ready to build up a portfolio.

Back in the saddle

2009-08-04 19:13:27 by Soullink

So thanks to a friend I should now have finale again. Yeah! And I'm finally moved into my new place. Things can once again move forward. That is all.


2009-07-21 06:40:57 by Soullink

So the summer has put me in an interesting place. I find myself actually moving towards turning my idea into a video game. The good news. I have the writing, the characters, rivals, plot and movement. I have a great freelance concept artist.

The cons. I have no finale program anymore. So though I would love to write the music I find myself unable to. More than that my stuff is raw and like my concept artist needs a fellow freelancer to bring it to the next level. Oh, and I have no animators.

So before I get showered with fails, let me say this, when I deem the site to be worthy enough to show, I will hopefully look towards places like this to help network up with fellow freelancers who like my current team think outside the box, are willing to work together towards a common goal, and put themselves both mind, soul, and heart into their work. I know it's asking a lot but it's no more than I expect from myself.

Don't know why I bother writing these...

-Soul Link

P.S. Cyber GARR!

Soul Link's 8-bit World

2009-05-15 01:01:21 by Soullink

So many(none) of you have been wondering about this epic playlist I put together involving the 8-bit style tracks I've founded from portal kings and queens here on newgrounds. Regardless I've decided to post the list here in news while I wait for some important things to come together with regards to my top secret project.... let's just say... it's gonna be big.


8-bit Hydro Drifter(Intro Stage) NickPerrin

8-bits in the Jungle(SoulLink Assist) Elite Ferrix

8 Aqua Bits EliteFerrix

8 Bit Toxicity EliteFerrix

The Coming 8-bit Storm(Airship/Arsenal Stage) EliteFerrix

An 8-bit Turtle Thanks You(Sewer Stage) NickPerrin

Metropolis 8 ParagonX9

Ex 8-bit Machina (Factory Stage) EliteFerrix

8-bits Underground(SoulLink Assist) EliteFerrix

8-bits of Conflict EliteFerrix

8-bit Boss Battle Blitz EliteFerrix

There Are Still 8-bit Heroes(End Credits/Victory Fanfare) NickPerrin